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Schools Re-opening Plan June 2020

Dear Parents/carers,


We always try to ensure that our communications with you are warm and friendly and reflect the happy, nurturing and caring school that we always strive to be. The information relating to the steps that we've written below though, will probably sound a million miles away from that. The risk to the health and lives of our wonderful school community is real and substantial. The plan we have put forward is focused solely on trying to reduce these risks as much as we can. 


Please bear in mind that this is a conditional plan and it will depend on many factors around the spread and containment of Covid-19 and up-to-date government / LA advice.


DFE restrictions placed on us

  • Groups will consist of an absolute maximum of 15 children (referred to as a bubble). We cannot guarantee that your child will be taught by their current teacher.
  • Children will not be able to mix with children who are not in their bubble.
  • The children will have separate playtimes and lunchtimes and again will not mix with others.
  • If there is a confirmed case of Coronavirus, all children and staff in that group and their families will need to self isolate for 14 days.
  • Only 1 parent will be allowed to pick up or drop off their children.


Planned Phase Return Dates

  • Year 6: from June 15th (Monday and Tuesday only until the number of returning children mean we have to create a second group)
  • Reception and Year 1: from June 22nd (Mondays and Tuesdays until the number of returning children mean we have to create a second group.
  • This is all we have planned for so far and will add other year groups as and when the Government advise us to do so.


Timings of the School Day

We will need to effectively replace playtimes with an allocated outdoor time for each bubble, as we realise it is near impossible to expect children to socially distance at break times. Additionally, we will significantly reduce lunchtimes and not hold assemblies for the same reason. As a result of this, the school day will appear shorter although lesson time remains the same. The timings are staggered as we obviously need to minimise the number of people, adults and children, coming into contact with each other.



Entry time

Entry door

Home time- leave out the same door as arrival

Mrs Parkin and Mrs Patrick


Gate which leads to the classroom play area on path


Mrs Moody


Classroom door


Mrs Turner


Hall door (off playground)


Group 1 Year 6


Main entrance at Eastlands


Group 2 year 6


Hall door (off playground)


Key workers


Main entrance at Eastlands



  • The year 6 children can come and go to school by themselves if you are happy for that to reduce adults on site. A text will be sent directly to you to let you know which group your year 6 child is in.
  • Keyworker childcare will continue to run 8:30 - 3:30 as it has done throughout the pandemic.
  • Children can either be in the class group or key worker, they cannot switch.



Steps we will be taking at The Welbeck Federation


  • We will try our best to ensure that pupils socially distance but we are realistic in knowing that we cannot guarantee this, especially with our youngest children - the countless school texts you've no doubt received through the years about head lice is testament to this!
  • Lunchtimes will take place in the classroom that the 'bubble' is based. Year 6 children and all children of families receiving free school meal vouchers will need to send their child with a packed lunch. Children of families not receiving free school meal vouchers will be eligible for a 'universal free school meal' packed lunch (infants only). You may however send your child with their own packed lunch if you wish.
  • Children DO NOT need to wear school uniform but they must arrive each day in different clothes. We will not get changed for PE so they must wear something suitable.
  • They must not bring things from home with them apart from lunch and a water bottle.
  • Children who attend either the phased return classes or the keyworker childcare group, MUST be following government guidelines outside of school - for the sake of themselves, their teachers and every pupil they may come into contact with, along with all of their families. This includes travelling to and from school.
  • The toys / play equipment that children can use has had to be greatly reduced - only things which can be easily cleaned by wiping will be available to use.
  • Pupils requiring first aid will have to wear a mask whilst they are being treated.
  • Please do not send your child in if they appear to be unwell, these are challenging enough times without adding the likes of tummy bugs to the mix.
  • Only one child will be permitted to use the toilet facilities at a time.
  • All children will need to wash their hands several times throughout the day and adults will regularly perform additional cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.
  • If any member of a bubble tests positive for Covid-19, every member of that bubble and every member of the bubble's household will need to self-isolate for 14 days.


We will review this 2 weekly and you can change your mind about attending or start to send your child if you feel you are ready. This is up to you but there is a commitment for 2 weeks so we can staff it appropriately.


There will still be home learning being provided each week for those not attending and for the days they aren’t at school.



We expect the behaviour of the children to be the usual high standard. However if there is any occasion where a child does not follow what is being asked of them, breaks the social distancing procedures we have put in place or at any time staff feel they are putting others in danger because of their behaviour we will send home straight away and we expect that if you are sending your child that you would support us in this. Depending on the severity we may withdraw the offer of a school place for your child during this partial opening and they would have to revert back to home learning.


Thank you for your understanding during these times. I am sure that these plans are just the beginning of what will probably be a long road back to normality - but as a school community, we will get through this together.

If there are any problems or questions please ask.